Begin Again


I feel like writing tonight, but I don’t know what I want to say. Ha…

I was talking with one of my friends/co-workers today about my blog, and how when I first started this blog it was such a great outlet for me to express my feelings during that point in my life. If you haven’t been a follower since the beginning of my blog I’ll give you a short cliff note version of where I was back in May of 2011. I had recently just split from my husband, beginning the divorce process, living back at home with my mother, and just starting a new job. It was a hectic, and emotional time.

Looking back at that time period now, I wouldn’t change a thing. My life seemed like such a mess but I was finally taking control. I’m not sure I’ve ever grown more as a person as I did during that time. I started this blog for fun. I had no idea what to expect from it, I just knew I liked to write and I liked sharing fun videos and pictures. Blogging was a pretty popular thing and I thought “Hey Why Not”. Little did I know it would end up being so much more for me.

As I would write about my life..the experiences I was going through, and how they made me feel I was unloading so much emotion and feelings that I would have otherwise kept built up inside of me. I would pour the words out onto my keyboard, and as I did I would begin to feel better and lighter. Eventually I reached a point where I guess my life slowed down a little. I was in my new routine of things and I felt every time I tried to write I was just giving a boring update of what I did that day and I lost my inspiration.

I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad? Maybe neither. I think I become more inspired to write when I feel a bit lost, but when things are going well I have less to unload so I lose the urge to write. Anyways, after having a lovely chat with one of my closets friends I realized maybe it’s time to revisit writing on a frequent basis again? Reading old blog entries lit that spark within me. I wouldn’t say I am feeling lost or anything, I just miss the feeling that blogging gives me. I used to feel so inspired, motivated, rejuvenated, and strong after I would finish a blog entry. It helps me grow as a person, and it helps keep what’s important to me fresh in my mind. Life is always hectic one way or another and sometimes it’s easy to be blinded.

I guess I did have stuff to say.. lol. Anyways to wrap this up, I’m excited to feel inspired again.

2013 New Years Resolution: Blog More.