Clean your face with oil?!


I’ve been having fun trying out new beauty regime’s, I enjoy an evening of self pampering, so when new ideas are brought up to me I never (almost never) hesitate to try them out!

A while back my good friend Carley was talking about how she read on Pinterest of an Oil Cleanse in replace of a typical face wash. Clean your face with oil??? I was skeptic, and at the time not willing to lather oil over my face. My face get’s oily enough all on it’s own. She claimed it really worked, but I shrugged it off. Big Mistake! Sorry Carley, turns out you are a genius who knew? ;)

At work the other day I found a blog that wasn’t blocked by our IT’s defense (Shocking I know!!) I was actually researching reviews on Norwex’s body cloth. I was recently a guest at a Norwex party and I  have fallen in love with every single product introduced to me.

Love at first sight actually, since most products I still do not own. One product that I was able to walk away with though was the body cloth. As described by the consultant the cloth should replace all over face and body products you’ve ever owned! As hopeful as I was about this before I dived right in I wanted to see if anyone had reviewed the cloth, and their experience with it!

That’s when I found this adorable blog, Ginger Mandy, she has an article talking about the regime she uses. This is where I was introduced to the Oil Method again, and immediately decided to try it.

I got off work and drove straight to Target, walked right to the baking aisle and picked up the only bottle of Grape Seed Oil that they carried. I went home and immediately washed my face. There are several different oil’s you can use Grape Seed, Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, and even Castor Oil. Some work better with drier skins, others work better with oily skin but from all that I’ve looked up (I’m no expert) Grape See Oil seems to work well with either skin type.

I am most oily in the T-Zone are, but around my lips and chin I have drier skin and the Grape See oil really seems to balance it all out.

All it takes is about a quarter sized amount of oil, massage it into your skin, then get a cloth wet with steaming hot water (not so hot you burn your skin off), hold the cloth over your face for about 30 seconds, then wipe the oil off gently. Ta Daa! I use a normal wash cloth to wipe the oil off, and then I use my Norwex cloth to go over my face once more. I only do the oil method before bed, in the morning I just use the Norwex cloth and water to wash my face.

My face feels amazing, my T-Zone hasn’t been getting oily during the day, my makeup is staying on longer, and I am not using any harsh chemicals! I definitely recommend giving this a try, you won’t be sorry!!

I should also mention for  the days I want added exfoliation I also use the Spa Sonic skin care system. Which feels great on your face, but also comes with a body brush, and a foot scrub!

P.S The picture above is completely unrelated obviously, but my baby is adorable!