You should watch this.

What are your thoughts on this video? It’s a little heartbreaking at the end I think. The momma bird looks so confused and lost on where her babies went. Could you imagine just leaving your Mom/Family once you reached a certain age without them knowing, and never going to visit them again? Sure we eventually go out on our own but we always (usually) have ties with our families still.


Warrior Dash 2011

The main reason I am blogging about my Warrior Dash experience is because when I was first deciding if I wanted to do it or not, I read other people’s blogs about their experiences which ultimately gave me the motivation I needed to do it.

All said and done I’m very proud of myself for doing the Warrior Dash, and I will definitely be doing it again next year. A year ago, heck even 6 months ago I would not even consider this. I would of looked at it and just moved along without any consideration of signing up.

Was it hard? Yes, It was hard and exhausting. Mainly the hills on our course was where the challenge came. We had steep ski hills to run up and down. Depending on what state your doing this in you may have more or less hills. Our’s was held at one of our biggest ski resorts.

Was it worth is? Yes. The minute you cross the finish line, all the pain and exhaustion you were feeling disappear. The last three obstacles right at the end are so fun they make the whole thing worth it. Plus how accomplished you feel when it’s over makes it worth it.

All shapes, sizes, and fitness levels can do this race. Everyone’s doing it to have fun. That’s the most important part. If your considering doing the Warrior Dash this year or next I encourage you to do so! You’ll love it and be so happy that you did!!

A lot of people dress up in costumes for the race. We dressed as Angry Birds, which was so much fun. I definitely recommend planning a costume for you and your group.


Something I believe in so strongly but I forget so often! A while back I posted an idea about taking quotes and putting them on a poster. I plan on making that soon and this will Definitely be on it!!








6 Life Changing Uses for Binder Clips


There aren’t enough days in the weekend.

Lazy Sunday nights are my favorite.

Except today sucked for the most part, my fault- had a little too much to drink last night. So I have spend the whole day hung over. I did get to see my family though, and thankfully the really bad hangover came after brunch so I was actually able to enjoy the time with them. Today is my mom’s birthday :) Happy Birthday Mom! We took her to brunch this morning (we as in myself, my brother, sister in-law, and my two nieces).  After brunch I’ve literally been in bed all day. Besides when I had to take my moms car to get a car wash … someone got sick in her car. Not sure who…. jerks ;)

Last week all my motivation for .. anything disappeared.  I just had a “I want to be lazy and do nothing” mindset. I mostly blame the fact that I was just tired all week long, my schedule was thrown around a bit. I still did some fun things though, and luckily my motivation has returned :)

On Tuesday Kayla and I went to Kid Cudi. We had an amazing time! I liked Kid Cudi before we went, but I really didn’t know a lot of his songs. A week before the concert I listened to a lot of his stuff to become more familiar with it. After the concert I LOVE HIM and his music. I don’t love him nearly as much as Kayla does.. that wouldn’t be possible but I am def. a fan!

Thursday we went to Psycho Suzies for a few drinks and dinner. That place is so cute, kind of sucks all of their cool drinks are based off of rum (I don’t like rum) but still a fun a place! You can write on the bathroom stalls with chalk .. what’s not to love.


This drink was delicious!

Last night was one of our friends birthday and we had a bon fire plus some outdoor beer pong! As I previously mentioned .. I drank A LOT haha. Definitely did not plan on that but it was a good time. I woke up to some awesome pictures on my phone that I had no clue was on there.

The top right one is this mornings hair do. Pretty sure I was still drunk when that was taken.

Ahh summer nights, gotta love them!

One week until the Warrior Dash (actually 6 days now!) I am also doing Lifetime’s Torchlight 5k Run on Wednesday. Another busy week!

Now on to Apartment hunting, and continue my addiction to Stumble :) I’m sure I’ll post some findings from Stumble!

My feelings exactly:



I haven’t been on here much lately, for a couple of reasons. 1. I’ve been busy, and I haven’t been home a lot lately, 2. If I don’t have the feelings to write, or the inspiration to do so I won’t. I’m not going to write just to write, It won’t mean anything then, and 3. I feel like my life has been a little on repeat the last few weeks so I would of sounded like a broken record. I do however have stuff to share, and as soon as I am done cleaning my room (because I am forcing myself to do this tonight) I will be posting some updates.

Sometime I need to remember this more